Cannes is our home turf and we know it inside out

We’ve been running up and down the Croisette for years

We thrive on delivering the impossible

Our relationships mean the world to us and we cherish them

We keep our ears to the ground, our eye on the prize and our nose to the grindstone

Your strategic Partner in Cannes

Media Market Consultants is a full service company offering logistics support and events management to International companies attending major festivals and markets in Cannes.

“The list of services we provide is endless, all to suit your needs and your budget, and without compromising your business interests”.




We can and will take care of your every need starting with booking your accommodation, setting-up your offices, applying for and collecting your… FIND OUT MORE…



We are always ready to advise you on which publicist might best suit the press representation for your particular movie, show, star, director… FIND OUT MORE…


FilmNation returns to Media Market Consultants year after year because their efforts elevate our brand to a higher standard. As a long time client of Media Market Consultants, we have been able to work with their team to tailor our experience to best suit our needs. As a result, the execution of our work together has improved each year.

Richard Baker, EVP, Marketing & Distribution, FilmNation Entertainment

I first worked with Media Market Consultants 15 years ago. Already well established, their client list, past and present is simply remarkable. This is reflected in the diversity of the work I've seen them take on, from setting up offices, throwing events or organising marketing & PR stunts. I'd recommend Media Market Consultants to anyone that is in need of any kind of support whilst in Cannes attending its numerous markets or festivals.

J.D. Beaufils, Sales Executive, VMI World, Los Angeles

Prior to founding my company a year ago, I was at Sony Pictures Entertainment for 34 years, leaving as Head of Worldwide Publicity for two divisions at Sony. I exclusively used the services of Media Market Consultants to arrange all aspects of our needs and the needs of our senior executives. They managed our needs in the most professional, timely and effective ways possible, while maintaining an extraordinary sense of humour and grace under pressure. This is a testament to their strong relationships with the service entities at Cannes as well as its environs.

Fritz Friedman, President, The Fritz Friedman Company